Paintings of Dreams and Shadows


Simon is a contemporary British surrealist painter creating work from his backroom studio in Hove, East Sussex.


Before going to art school, Simon Lea Wright studied architecture and this is evident from his work. He has an intense passion for unusual geometry and his paintings present a colourful world of surreal architectural forms and recognisable landmarks as though seen in a dream.

Many of his recent paintings contain a mysterious shadowy figure which encourages viewers to immerse themselves in the dreamlike nature of the work and ask questions about their relationship to it.

Simon's life has been a constant exploration of both his inner world and a search for place and meaning within society at large.



Simon is thrilled to recently have been shortlisted for the 2020 Visual Artists Open Competition.

with his painting 'Clifton Crossing'



Surrounded by a particularly artistic family during his younger years Simon’s fascination with painting started from an early age.

He graduated from Southampton in 1995 with a B. A (Hons) in Fine art and continues to sell his works to clients both in the UK and abroad.