Paintings of Dreams and Shadows


'Art to me is a set of rules. To learn all of them properly is perhaps a lifetimes work. If artists can't find the right rule for the task at hand then it is up to them to create their own.'                           Simon Lea Wright


With an intense passion for unusual geometry Simon Lea Wright presents a colourful world of surreal architectural forms and dreamlike expressions.

Working mostly in Acrylic and oil on canvas Simon employs carefully worked out perspective in combination with a more spontaneous approach to colour in order to create paintings that entice the viewer to explore and share in his surreal imaginations.

Through the use of multiple glazed layers and confident marks Simon adds and removes paint from the surface until the final image is at last realised.

The recent addition of a shadowy figure to some of his larger paintings adds mystery and asks for viewers to immerse themselves in the work and ask questions about their own personal relationship to it.


Simon is thrilled to recently have been shortlisted for the 2020 Visual Artists Open Competition.

with his painting 'Clifton Crossing'



Surrounded by a particularly artistic family during his younger years Simon’s fascination with painting started from an early age . In his 20’s he left the study of architecture to pursue a career in art .

He graduated from Southampton in 1995 with a B.A (hons) in Fine art and continues to sell his works to clients both in the UK and abroad.